Friday, February 11, 2011


     Over the past several decades, people who've discussed alternate theories about the moon and NASA have had no shortage of hecklers and skeptics.  The idea that "we never went to the moon" is often the first thing that uninformed people tend to associate with conspiracies involving NASA.

How unfortunate, because we definitely went to the moon.

What most people tend to overlook (or just plain not know) is the fact that we haven't been back to the moon in over 40 years...  40 YEARS!!  That's like the equivalent of discovering a lost ancient city full of ultimate mystery and intrigue - only to ditch it after a few visits - preferring to view it from another continent via telescope.  Complete insanity.  

Obviously, we have a lot more to learn about our nearest celestial neighbor.  The moon is still ripe with mystery.  So what has kept NASA from going back after all these years?

    ...maybe it was the strange 'music' they heard emanating from the far side of the moon...



  1. You know what this brings to mind? The Strahge Sounds In the Sky phenomenon here on Earth. Especially the description that it was like "whistling" or like a "choir" or "chanting".
    I don't know what significance or meaning this has, but it's an interesting correlation.

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